Sandrine O'Shea

Erotic Historical Romances


Note for readers: You must be of legal age in your country of origin to read this excerpt.

Her warm gaze slid down to the treacherous arousal tightening his trousers. "And you are very handsome, monsieur." She patted the chaise. "Won't you join me?"

The room suddenly seemed hot. His head felt ready to explode, so he tore off his cravat, flung it on the floor, and undid the top studs of his shirt so he could breathe. He sat on the edge of the chaise and just stared at the lovely, intelligent face that had bewitched him from the first moment he saw her. By soft, glowing candlelight, her eyes looked as dark and mysterious as sapphires filled with promise, and something else--trepidation?

He reached out, sliding his hand beneath the strings of pearls dangling from the crown so he could cup her velvet cheek and stare deeply into her eyes as if seeking to capture her very soul. She turned her head so she could press her warm, smooth lips against his palm. The tender gesture touched his heart and made his eager cock twitch.

He removed the heavy crown and rose, placing it on a nearby table alongside a bottle of chilling champagne and two crystal flutes. When he turned back, she was already removing her hairpins.

He sat down. "Allow me."

When he successfully filled his palm with every pin, Regine said, "I can see you've done this before."

"Once or twice."

She tossed her head, sending that glorious mane cascading down past her shoulders.

He set down her hairpins on the small table at the head of the chaise. "You look like one of Rossetti's Pre-Raphaelite muses."

She leaned toward him, her robe gaping to reveal the swell of one tantalyzing breast. "Enough talk of Art," she whispered in a husky voice. "Kiss me."

He pulled her into his arms and sought her willing, open mouth with his own. She tasted faintly of brandy, and when he claimed her with his tongue, she whimpered, and groped for his stiff cock.

He pulled away with superhuman effort and stayed her hand. "Not yet. I promised that your pleasure would always be paramount, so you must place your trust in me, and allow me to please you."

She stared at him, and her hand fell away.

He held her head still so he could rain light, dancing kisses across her forehead, her cheeks, and her delicate, rounded chin. Then he trailed them down her neck, quick and light, delighted to feel her shiver at his touch.

He unknotted the robe's sash, and pushed aside the folds of silk, baring her body to his hungry gaze. Then he kissed her flat, ivory belly, flicking the tip of his tongue into the shallow cup of her navel, causing her to catch her breath. He noticed that her thick thatch of pubic hair was the same dark auburn as her crowning glory. Though he was dying to part those sweet hidden lips and give his aching prick relief, he fought the impulse and concentrated on Regine instead.

"Why don't you take off your clothes?" she asked. "They must feel so hot and heavy."

"Not yet." He reached for her breasts and began fondling them in the way that she enjoyed, lightly stroking, causing Regine to sigh and sag back against the chaise. He never tired of filling his hands with their bountiful softness. He squeezed and tugged at both erect nipples until her groans of delight grew louder and more encouraging, then he slipped his right hand between her thighs, cupping her mons and seeking her clit with one finger.

Regine jerked in surprise at his intimate touch and her closed eyes flew open. "The bed..."

"Shhsh." His questing finger found the hard little nubbin he would torment to bring her to orgasm. His bold caresses began slowly at first, then worked faster and faster.

He watched entranced as Regine's face reflected her growing sexual transport. She threw her head back against the tall arm of the chaise, a frown of intense concentration on her forehead, her lovely mouth slack with bliss. As her passion rose, so did her groans, turning into urgent cries demanding release.

"That's it," he murmured. "Surrender to me."

Despite the sweat rising beneath his clothes and his own spiraling desire, Darius lowered his head to her breasts and suckled her hard, while frigging her even harder.

Suddenly Regine reared up, grabbed his shoulders tightly and cried out, "Dear God!" her whole body shuddering in glorious ecstasy again and again and again.

Darius sat back, feeling as powerful as a god himself. When her sharp, loud cries subsided into soft whimpers, he gathered her into his arms and cradled her like a sleepy child, breathing deeply the spicy scent of her heated flesh.

Satisfaction buoyed his spirits. He'd taken another step closer to making up for the destruction his father had caused.

Warning: This novel contains scenes of graphic sex, bondage, S/​M, anal pleasuring of the hero, and a two-women-one-man threesome in a brothel.

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