Sandrine O'Shea

Erotic Historical Romances

The Courtesan's Bed

Regine Laflamme rules as the Queen of Fire, the Paris demimonde's most notorious and accomplished courtesan. Wealthy men shower her with riches and vie to become her next conquest. Respectable women shun her. Other courtesans envy her.

No one knows she was once an innocent young governess, ruined and turned out by a cruel lord. And now, years later, she spies her seducer's son--a man who never answered her frantic pleas for help.

Darius, Earl of Clarridge, has never stopped searching for the woman who haunts him. He doesn't expect her to believe that her letters never reached him. No, he will regain her trust in a way she understands--by promising to give her more pleasure than she's ever known.

In spite of her misgivings, Regine is intrigued and takes Darius up on his boast. To her surprise, he conquers not only her body, but captures her very heart.

Yet beyond the haven of her boudoir, two men scheme to possess her for their own. When one of them kidnaps and enslaves her, she clings desperately to a new hope--that this time Darius will find her before it's too late.


"Deliciously erotic tale of a much desired Parisian courtesan determined never to fall in love. Fast-paced, evocative, fun--and what happens in that bed!"

Thea Devine, Sex, Lies & Secret Lives, Gallery Books, 4/10

" erotic romance with several steamy bedroom scenes and lots of love that reached into the depths of the characters and brought them up to the heights of passion. So slide into the sheets of The Courtesan's Bed and have a frolicking good time!"

Vanessa, Joyfully Reviewed 5 Stars


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